GXN was established in 2007 as an internal division of Danish architectural practice 3XN, and has since day one been working with applied architectural research in green materials and building technologies. The ‘G’ stands for Green, highlighting GXN’s dedication to ecological design research through digital processes and innovative material solutions. GXN competencies span over architecture and design projects, research and innovation and external consultancy.

GXN has developed partnerships with leading experts across various industries for investigation in material research, data analysis, biology, and digitalization. Using applications of building innovation technologies from several disciplines allows GXN to create custom solutions for unique architectural challenges.

'GXNs vision is to create innovative architecture and design projects that contribute to the development of a building culture that positively affect the world we live in - both architecturally and environmentally'

- Kasper Guldager Jensen, Director of GXN, Architect MAA, Partner 3XN


Kasper Guldager Jensen is an architect and daily director of GXN and involved in all projects. Kasper specializes in sustainable design, digital architecture and new materials.



Jeanette Hansen is an architect and CEO of 3XN/GXN. She manages the financial management and focus on integrating GXN research and development in 3XN's projects.

Morten Norman Lund is an engineer and specialist in the integration of sustainable solutions and technologies in the early phase of design development.


Lasse Lind is an architect and specializes in implementing methods to ensure the sustainability of buildings. Lasse was a part of the team behind Cradle to Cradle: in the built environment.


Mille Sylvest is a specialist on architectural pshycology and works, among other things, on a PhD concerning the relations between architecture and social behaviour.


Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard is a digital anthropologist developing and driving cross-disciplinary research into architecture and behaviour, green technology, and digital trends to inform design strategy at GXN and 3XN.

Kenn Clausen is a graduate from Aalborg University in Denmark with specializations in Architecture and Digital Design, with a specialty in advanced modelling as well as analytic and informed design

Casper Østergaard Christensen is an architect with a special interest in finding innovative solutions for integrating green technologies, design for disassembly and circular economy in architecture.

Sara Emilsson is a graduate architect especially interested in sustainability and the implementation of innovative green solutions in architecture. 

Luca Breseghello is a master student who specialises at the intersection between architecture and digital technologies. He is interested in the integration of computational design, material behavior and digital fabrication in the realm of building design and construction.

Karl Emil Koch is an architecture student who loves to explore and look into the future of architecture. He is especially interested in how the emerging circular economy coupled with digital design methods will affect our future lives 

Piotr Zalewski is an architectures student passionate about innovative approaches in conceptual design. He specializes in the implementation of green technologies and sustainable solutions in architecture.

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