• 2017.06.07

    Circular economy recommendations handed over to The Government

    Today, the Danish Government’s Advisory Board for Circular Economy, which Kasper Guldager Jensen is part of together with 11 other business leaders, is handing over their vision and proposals for recommendations on how circular economy can be accelerated to the government.

    Read the recommendations here (in Danish).

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  • 2017.03.29

    PhD on the relation between architecture and social behaviour

    GXN’s Behaviour Researcher, Mille Sylvest, has finalised and defended her PhD ”Situated Social Aspects of Everyday Life in the Built Environment”.

    The dissertation is an exploration of the social aspects of everyday life in work environments, as well as issues related to applying these aspects to architectural practice.

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  • 2017.02.28

    Watch Kasper Guldager Jensen's lecture at Columbia GSAPP

    Watch Kasper Guldager Jensen's lecture from Columbia GSAPP about "Building a Circular Future" and how we need to challenge and rethink the way we use and reuse materials in the building industry and start seeing buildings as manmade ecosystems. 

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  • 2017.01.04

    Are you our newest design researcher?

    We are looking for passionate people to establish and fill two industrial PhD positions at 3XN architects and GXN innovation. 

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  • 2016.11.10

    GXN contributes to State of Green’s 'Denmark as a circular economy hub'

    GXN has contributed to a chapter in State of Green’s newly published white paper on 'Denmark as a circular economy hub'. In the white paper, the book “Building a Circular Future” helps highlight the enormous potential of a circular economy in the built environment.

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  • 2016.10.28


    Kasper Guldager Jensen, Senior partner 3XN, Director GXN, has been appointed a member of the Circular Economy Advisory Board established by the Danish Parliament. Together with a group of competent and innovative people, Kasper will help to develop recommendations on how Danish business can move towards a more circular future.

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  • 2016.10.19


    We are looking for architectural interns — to be part of the GXN team in the spring 2017

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  • 2016.08.18

    GXN presents new vision- and development plan for Agro Food Park

    The vision and development plan for Agro Food Park in Skejby, Aarhus was revealed this week by 3XN’s internal innovation division, GXN together with the rest of the team: BCVA, Urland and WM + P. The vision is to create the leading innovation and growth centre in Denmark.

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  • 2016.07.11

    New York Energy Week on energy-supply and human behaviour in future buildings

    Hosted by the Danish Cleantech Hub, this year’s New York Energy Week featured a series of events, focusing on energy-supply in future for buildings - with energy efficiency and demand-side management among the core themes.

    Senior Partner for 3XN, Kasper Guldager Jensen, took part in the seminar and spoke about how architecture influence human behaviour.

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  • 2016.06.07

    New book on Circular Economy

    In collaboration with multiple design and construction firms, 3XN has launched the book Building a Circular Future about what it takes to transform the building industry from its current 'throw-away' model to a circular model.

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  • 2016.05.25

    Kasper Guldager Jensen talks at the "How do we scale up Circular Economy Conference"

    Kasper Guldager Jensen will be among prominent speakers, EU Ministers and Ambassadors when he gives a Circular Economy lecture at the How do we scale up Circular Economy Conference on 6 June 2016 in Copenhagen.

    Learn how a number of companies have included the circular principles in their business model and join the discussion on how the European Union, Member States, companies, and other relevant stakeholders can co-operate in order to transform our society towards a more sustainable path.

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  • 2016.05.24

    A festival that gives more than it throws away

    In the newest issue of the Danish sustainability magazine BYG (BUILD), with the summer theme: festivals, GXN contributes with the article A festival that gives more than it throws away. In the article GXN provides a number of suggestions for circular solutions for the large amounts of waste that is generated at Danish festivals.

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  • 2016.05.23

    3XN Featured in Danish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

    We are proud to be among 70 firms whose work is highlighted in the exhibition 'Art of Many and the Right to Space' in the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. The most prestigious architecture event in the world opens on Saturday, 28 May and runs through 27 November.

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  • 2016.05.21

    How we build a circular future

    Based on GXNs work with closed-loop-design and circular sustainability, GXNs Lasse Lind has written an article for the Danish sustainability magazine BYG (BUILD).

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  • 2016.05.20

    The EU Environmental Award given to Green Solution House

    The Bornholm hotel and conference center is appointed the winner in the category "sustainable processes" in acknowledgment that Green Solution House is created with a high degree of sustainability in mind. 3XN has served as the design architect and GXN as sustainability advisor for the project, and has been a key strategic advisor in the development of green solutions.

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  • 2016.05.19

    Green Solution House officially C2C-registrered

    Green Solution House is now officially registered as Cradle to Cradle building. ’Cradle to Cradle – The Registry’ is a peer reviewed registry of Cradle to Cradle inspired elements for buildings.

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  • 2016.05.17


    We are looking for architectural interns to be part of the GXN team for a minimum of six months

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  • 2016.05.12

    Thursday input about Architecture & Extreme Environments

    Thanks to Studio Architecture & Extreme Environments for great a Thursday input here at 3XN and GXN. Exiting and relevant work by the students!

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  • 2016.03.07


    GXN er med i Arkitektskolen Aarhus nyeste bog book Sustainability – An imperative for plurality and context med artiklen Regenerative Architecture, som eksemplificere GXNs arbejde med regenerativ arkitektur gennem tre forskellige projekter.

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  • 2016.03.04

    3XN Exhibition 'Behind the Scenes' Opens 29 April

    3XN announces an exhibition that goes 'behind the scenes' of architecture, exploring some of the little-known stories, processes and people that lay behind the static, glossy photos often used to depict buildings. Behind the Scenes: The Simplicity & Complexity of Architecture will run at the Aedes Architecture Forum. The exhibition also marks 3XN’s 30th anniversary, which the firm is celebrating throughout 2016.

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  • 2016.02.03

    Seven Minutes About 'Building a Circular Future'

    Kasper Guldager from GXN and John Sommer from MT Højgaard in this video explains about the perspectives of Building a Circular Future.

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  • 2016.01.30

    Material Calendar

    GXN created a beautiful Material Calendar 2016.

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  • 2016.01.12

    Scientific documentation for Urban Green’s effect

    A recently report published by researchers from the National Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University and the Natural History Museum, conclude that Urban Greens habitats increases the diversity of nature in the urban space by replacing impoverished lawns with species-rich flower meadows that entices a diversity of interesting insects.

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  • 2015.12.10

    Green Solution House named Building of the year

    Green Solution House located on the Island Bornholm receives the award "Building of the Year" in the category "Commercial buildings" awarded by the Danish magazine Byggeri (Construction). The award is the entire construction industry's honorary prize and Denmark's only national construction award, which also celebrates the good building that has a social impact.

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  • 2015.12.01

    GXN Names New CEO

    3XN and GXN has promoted Partner and Architect MAA Jeanette Hansen to Chief Executive Officer. In her new role, Hansen will be responsible for overseeing the firm’s many large projects in Scandinavia and abroad. She replaces Morten Stahlschmidt.

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  • 2015.11.11

    Spring internship GXN Innovation

    We are looking for architectural interns to be part of the GXN team for a minimum of six months

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  • 2015.10.28

    Building a Circular Future Book Pre-launch

    On the occasion of Building Green, we pre-launch the four books from the project ‘Building a Circular Future’. 

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  • 2015.10.20

    GXN is part of Building Green

    When the most important trade fair in Denmark within the field of sustainable and energy efficient buildings takes place, GXN is present as both an exhibitor but also as part of the conference and seminar program.

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  • 2015.10.07

    In-house Lecture with the co-creator of Cradle to Cradle

    The co-creator of Cradle-to-Cradle William McDonough visited studio yesterday and gave an inspiring in-house lecture for the employees.

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  • 2015.10.07

    Green Steel of the Future?

    After three months of material research in Asia, GXNs Lasse Lind unveils the green steel of the future in an article written for the Danish sustainability magazine BYG.

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  • 2015.09.30

    Oceans of Plastic

    As part of the exhibition's focus on future possibilities with plastic, GXNs work with biocomposites is displayed at the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

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  • 2015.09.30

    It's wild, Novo!

    Big congratulations to our friends and collaborators at SLA on the fantastic review! GXN's subsidiary company URBANGREEN® has delivered all the wild plants and biotopes for the fantastic landscape.

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  • 2015.09.07

    Material World: Tour GXN’s Sustainable Materials Library

    Join us for a tour of GXN’s, the innovation unit of 3XN, library of innovative and sustainable materials. Made from tomato stems and seaweed, mushrooms, metal or glass, this wide range of materials inspires new thinking about the possibilities for the built environment.

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  • 2015.08.28

    Kasper Guldager Jensen expert at Sustainability Board

    Kasper Guldager Jensen has been appointed to the AFA JCDecaux Sustainability Board that works to develop solutions that benefit the environment and Copenhagen as the world's green capital and the ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality and sustainability, as both Copenhagen and AFA JCDecaux have.

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  • 2015.08.26

    New samples of our own upcycled materials

    We have received new samples of own developed board materials made from upcycled residues from the agriculture- and manufacturing sector.

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  • 2015.08.20

    Popular Furniture

    Even before the official opening, the students at the University of Copenhagen has embraced the new furniture in The Biotope Gardens on Nørre Campus.

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  • 2015.08.20

    Opening reception for the Biotope Gardens

    On September 4th 2015 at 14.30 to 15.30 the University of Copenhagen holds the opening reception for Biotope Gardens on Nørre Campus.

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  • 2015.08.17

    Kasper Guldager Jensen appointed member of Danish Design Council

    Kasper Guldager Jensen, Senior partner 3XN, Director GXN, is now a member of the Danish Design Council that brings together the most competent and innovative people in the Danish design industry including designers, manufacturers, researchers and leaders.

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  • 2015.07.13

    BIG thanks to the spring fantastic four from GXN

    Saying goodbye and THANK YOU to our amazing and talented interns. Here is a photo of the Spring Fantastic Four from GXN.

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  • 2015.07.10

    Latest generation of SplineTEX tested today

    We have recently received the latest generation of SplineTEX and today the newest design was tested in the workshop.

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  • 2015.07.03

    The GXN Far East Tour continues

    Last week GXN was represented at the ‘BAU CONGRESS CHINA 2015: the future of building’, in Beijing. The combined congress and tradeshow, focuses on high quality and how to live up to the building markets growing demand for sustainable and environmentally optimized solutions. 

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  • 2015.07.01

    The Architect’s Experimentarium

    On the back page, July 1st, the Danish newspaper Børsen published an article with the title 'The Architect's Experimentarium' about GXN and how to work with green innovation in architecture.

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  • 2015.06.24

    GXN is prequalified for Agro Food Park

    Together with co-creator of Cradle to Cradle - William McDonough + Partners, architects BCVA and consultants Urland, GXN is selected to create a vision and development plan for Agro Food Park in Skejby, located in the northern part of Aarhus, Denmark.

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  • 2015.06.19

    100 volunteers and 10.000 wildflowers helped biodiversity at Nørre Campus

    More wild nature has entered the city after the University of Copenhagen held a planting day the 10th of June. Around 100 volunteers spend their afternoon helping transform 600 square meters of lawn into wild biotop gardens, by putting 10.000 wildflowersfrom URBANGREEN into the ground.

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  • 2015.06.17


    The Adaptable House, designed by GXN and in collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects, has been selected as Denmark’s 2015 Energy Globe Award winner. The project won for its state-of-the art design, which significantly reduces resource consumption and CO2 emissions.

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  • 2015.06.10

    URBANGREEN® wins the URBIA AWARD 2015

    GXN’s subsidiary URBANGREEN® has received the URBIA Award 2015 in the category Green Innovation. Urban Green is awarded for their achievement of bringing more biodiversity in to cities.

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  • 2015.04.27

    Green Solution House opens its doors to the public

    Thursday April 23, 2015 one of the studio's most visionary and ambitious green buildings was officially inaugurated. Green Solution House is a new hotel and conference centre in Rønne on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.

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  • 2015.02.25

    In house lecture with Robert Penã

    Wednesday the 25th of February Robert Penã visited the studio to give a private lecture. A crowd from the studio was gathered to hear an inspiring talk about the Bullit Center in Seattle. An amazing high performance building which is the greenest commercial building in the world.

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  • 2015.02.16

    GXN and Arup receive JEC Innovation Award 2015 for BioBuild

    The “BioBuild Façade System in Biocomposites” wins this year’s JEC Innovation Award Europe in the category “construction”. The award ceremony takes place on 10th March in Paris.

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  • 2014.12.18

    Robots will revolutionize the future of construction

    By using robotics anddigital tools, GXN will change the way concrete buildings are made today. Along with Odico Formwork Robotics and The Technical University of Denmark, GXN is part of the team behind the project 'Digital Factory', which in December received funding of 5 million DKK from the Innovation Fund Denmark.

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  • 2014.09.24

    GXN and DAC donates the Material World Exhibition to The Aarhus School of Architecture

    The library of the Aarhus School of Architecture is about to introduce a new facility:  MLAB. This is where the latest materials will continuously be presented and made accessible to everyone, including the city’s architectural practices.

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  • 2014.09.18

    Urban Green has already rooted – and in on air!

    Shortly after the founding of the Urban Green®, the wild plants are already a reality in a number of exciting projects, including a large landscape project by SLA to the Novo Nordisk HQ in Bagsvaerd. 

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  • 2014.08.15

    GXN is prequalified for the competition KlimaByen – The Climate City

    GXN, SLA landscape, Rekommanderet Jens Rørbech and Kirsten Halsnæs is one among the six teams that will compete for the design of Denmark’s most beautiful climate adaptation in the city Middelfart on Funen.

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  • 2014.07.08

    BIG thanks to the spring power pack from GXN

    Saying goodbye and THANK YOU to our amazing and talented interns. Here is a photo of the Spring Power Pack from GXN.

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  • 2014.06.26

    Urban Green is among Denmark's top 15 Innovative Start-up's

    This year's Danish Creative Business Cup is now completed and Urban Green received a ranking among the top 15 creative entrepreneurs. Urban Green also received a Special Award of Creative Business Cup for Innovative Cultural Management.

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  • 2014.05.20

    GXN is part of 'Fremtidsbilleder'

    Lasse Lind, architect at GXN, has contributed to the publication Fremtidsbilleder ‘Future Scenarios’ that Monday Morning Sustainia has written in collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. 

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  • 2014.05.19

    'Urban Nature' receives 6 hearts in Danish Newspaper Politiken

    The GXN exhibition 'Urban Nature' at the Museum of Copenhagen has been reviewed in the Danish newspaper Poltiken where it receives 6 hearts. 

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  • 2014.05.05

    Urban Green® in Creative Business Cup

    Danish Architecture Centre has nominated Urban Green® as one of a few selected creative companies in the Danish Creative Business Cup. 

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  • 2014.04.29

    GXN exhibits at the Museum of Copenhagen

    GXN is a part of the exhibition 'Byens Natur - Urban Nature' that opens tomorrow at the Museum of Copenhagen.

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  • 2014.04.08

    Urban Green® starts up monitoring of insects

    In coorporation with Aarhus University Urban Green® has started up monitoring of insects in the natural Urban Green habitats. 

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  • 2014.02.21

    GXN takes part in designing Denmark’s first house made out of biological materials

    The development of The Biological House to be built by nature's own materials has just been initiated.

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  • 2014.02.12

    GXN shortlisted for C2C masterplan in Sweden

    The munipality of Ronneby is developing a neighbourhood with a positive footprint.  

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  • 2013.11.17

    Urban Green® receives support from Realdania

    Realdania has chosen to support  Urban Green® financially in terms of monitoring, documenting and certification of their concept including Danish habitats and wild plant species. 

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  • 2013.10.18

    Daylight and digital design

    In the PhD thesis ”Parametri i praksis. Generativ performance i arkitektur” Architect Tore Banke develops software, which simulates daylight and solar radiation in buildings. The dissertation is the result of an Industrial PhD project carried out in cooperation with 3XN architects’ division for green innovation GXN.

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  • 2013.10.16

    GXN specialist on Danish Television

    When the Danish TV channel DR K launches the new program series, Seductive Rooms, on Thursday October 17th, GXN 's specialist in architectural psychology, Mille Sylvest, will talk about how buildings and spaces affect the behavior of the people who use them.

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  • 2013.10.07

    Wild plants put down roots in sustainable buildings

    On October 10th 2013 GXN’s first subsidiary company Urban Green® will be founded. Urban Green® aims to bring wild nature back into the city and create green roofs and facades, wet beds and road constructions

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  • 2013.09.03

    New Collaboration between Aarhus School of Architecture and GXN

    The new Master Studio at Aarhus School of Architecture “Regenerative Architecture” will investigate new forms of symbiosis between the built environment, material science and natural systems

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  • 2013.08.19

    The Star Lamp – now available for purchase

    This geometric lamp is now in production and is distributed by Normann Copenhagen

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  • 2013.06.24

    GXN is prequalified for green pilot project on Almegaard Barracks, Denmark

    Along with PLH, COWI and URBANlab, GXN will develop a competition proposal for how Almegaard Barracks can become a showcase for the "green" industries capabilities in sustainable solutions.

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  • 2013.06.12

    Opening reception of GXN's Material Library

    On June 21 at 16.00 GXN invites friends and colleagues to come and explore their new exciting material library

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  • 2013.06.11


    Kasper Guldager in an expert interview in the new publication Material Discoveries 1 by Materia, a leading knowledge centre for developments and innovations in materials.

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  • 2013.06.10

    Green Solution House selected as Leading Sustainable Solution

    Sustainia100 is a guide that identifies the most innovative sustainable solutions around the world. Green Solution House is selected as part of Sustainia100 2013 for its positive social, economic and environmental impact on local communities.

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  • 2013.04.04


    Why aren't more companies investing in photovoltaics? The Danish project PV GRID will find the answers and solutions.

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  • 2013.03.15

    GXN and Cradle to Cradle Denmark have, in collaboration with C2C creators, published a building manual in order to aid the Danish Building industry create buildings with positive footprints.

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  • 2013.03.01


    GXN architect Lasse Lind on positive footprints in the current issue of

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  • 2013.01.10

    Project Blade Runner – Set the forms free!

    Cutting-edge robot technology will make it possible to build with free and organic forms, at price levels comparable to that of standard construction. GXN is part of a new research project, which brings together leading expertise in robotics, architecture, IT and concrete buildings.
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  • 2013.01.01


    GXN engineer Morten Norman Lund on sustainable materials in the January edition of the Danish magazine Arkitekten. 

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  • 2012.10.08

    Kasper Guldager on TEDx Talks

    How do spiders, mushrooms, and algae inspire tomorrow’s buildings? 
    See Head of GXN, Kasper Guldagers TED talk and find out!
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  • 2012.07.03

    NOMA Lab in FRAME Magazine

    GXN’s Interior design for Restaurant NOMA’s food lab is featured in the July/August edition
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  • 2012.04.03

    New research will make architecture and psychology interact

    In Denmark, there is little tradition of collaboration between architects and psychologists. This means that there is very little knowledge about how architecture affects our behavior. A new research project is about to change that.
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  • 2012.03.29

    New Partner strengthens 3XN's green profile

    After 5 years as head of 3XN's innovation unit GXN, Kasper Guldager Jorgensen now joins the studio’s partnership.
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  • 2012.03.28

    GXN and Danish Architecture Center welcomes you to “Material World”

    Danish Architecture Center's (DAC) new main exhibition curated in cooperation with GXN invites you into the world of materials and shows how new ways of using materials helps to ensure innovation and development of the architecture.
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  • 2012.02.28

    NOMA Lab: Architectural recipes for the Nordic Cuisine

    GXNs interior for NOMA Restaurant’s food lab unites the creative worlds of gastronomy and architecture in a modern expression of the Nordic aesthetic. 
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  • 2012.01.17

    Future green building materials

    3XN’s innovation unit, GXN, is the lead architect in the European research project BioBuild whose purpose is to develop new construction materials made from biocomposites. The goal is to reduce the energy used in production by 50 % compared to traditional building materials, while making them 15% cheaper.
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  • 2012.01.12

    Green Solution House will take sustainability to a new level

    In this 4.500m 2 experimental conference center and hotel everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and guests will have a taste of how it feels to live in a world without waste.
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