GXN exhibits at the Museum of Copenhagen

GXN has developed and designed the interior landscape of the exhibition ‘Urban Nature’ at the Museum of Copenhagen. At the exhibition visitors will among other things explore GXN’s green installation ‘Green Growth Lab’ with the opportunity to observe and experience a state of the art hydroponic rotary garden as well as learn about the trends and challenges of urban agriculture

With the overall theme Urban Nature the exhibition explores how nature’s role in the city has shaped according to fashion and needs of the time and also today captures new ways to increase quality of life for the people living in the cities. In addition it is possible to obtain more knowledge on the opportunities within sustainable urban growth, and gain insight into the life of the city allotment gardens and parks, discover completely new ways to create space for urban agriculture in the cities and much more.

The Exhibition opens April 30 at 4.30-6.30 pm.


The Museum of Copenhagen, Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København V


  • 4.30 Music by Marcus Ramos, singer-songwriter from Vesterbro Ungdomsgård
  • 5.00 Welcome by Jette Sandahl, Director, The Museum of Copenhagen 
  • 5.15 The mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration, Morten Kabell, gives the opening speech
  • 5.30 DJ Benjamin Storr-Hansen


Read more about the exhibition

Read about the opening (in Danish only)


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