GXN is part of 'Fremtidsbilleder'

How does a Denmark without waste look like? May 19th a publication describing a future vision that shows Danish daily life in a not too distant future, where innovative solutions have made Denmark free of debris was released. GXN has contributed to it.

The publication 'Future Scenarios' is based on current developments for waste management and a range of available technologies and solutions. The publication gives an idea of how these initiatives in a nearby future will be widely implemented and thus result in reuse and recycling as an integral part of our everyday lives.

'In our design, we think a lot of assembly principles; we do not use glue, but click items in place, and in addition we design materials which can be recycled. In some cases, we also design from biological materials so the building subsequently can contribute to nature,'  says Lasse Lind, architect, GXN.

'Future Scenarios' can be downloaded free of charge from Monday Morning and The Danish Ministry of the Environment’s website:



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