GXN is prequalified for the competition KlimaByen – The Climate City

GXN, SLA landscape, Rekommanderet Jens Rørbech and Kirsten Halsnæs is one among the six teams that will compete for the design of Denmark’s most beautiful climate adaptation in the city Middelfart on Funen.

The Climate City should be an example of how climate adaptation in the area around Kongebrovej in Middelfart can be integrated into initiatives that make the area greener, healthier and more fun.

The competition is based on the ambition to show how adaptation can be used as a lever for urban development. The challenging task for the competing teams is to produce creative and innovative solutions with environmental, economic, social and recreational increased value for the multiple stakeholders.

The project area covers around 450,000 m2 and the project has a budget of 76.4 million DKK. The partners behind the development are the City of Middelfart, The Wastewater Company of Middelfart and Realdania.

Read more about the project here                     


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