Green Solution House opens its doors to the public

Thursday April 23, 2015 one of the studio's most visionary and ambitious green buildings was officially inaugurated. Green Solution House is a new hotel and conference centre in Rønne on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.

GXN Innovation has been a consultant on sustainability and one of the strategic partners behind the project. Kasper Guldager Jensen, Director of GXN and Senior Partner of 3XN, tells how he developed a special relationship to the house during the project:

'Green Solution House means something special to me. From day one, we have worked on making sustainability sensual. We have invented new concepts such as interactive indoor environment, intelligent materials and especially circular sustainability. The road has been filled with inspiring collaborations and today the result stands bright, inviting and filled with green solutions. '


A showroom for green solutions

Green Solution House is intended to be a showroom and display for new solutions within the environmental field. Already, the house contains a wealth of environmentally friendly materials, including carpets that clean the air of dust particles and acoustic surfaces that clean the air of formaldehyde. There is also an innovative waste treatment system that transforms garbage and food waste to heat, electricity and fertilizer. Likewise, the hotel has so-called intelligent hotel rooms, Smart Rooms, where hotel guest has the opportunity to form their own indoor climate via a tablet.

Green Solution House has been realized through an extensive renovation of the former Hotel Ryttergaarden.

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Collaboration Partners

The advisors are 3XN architects (conceptual design), Steenbergs Tegnestue (architectural detailing), SLA (landscape design), Ramboll (engineering), COWI (client advisor), GXN Innovation (consultant on sustainability).

The strategic partners are Realdania, VELUX Group, Autodesk Research, GXN Innovation and Saint-Gobain’s Danish companies: Weber, Isover, Ecophon and Gyproc.

Financing was provided by European Regional Development Foundation, Carl Edvard Mogensens Foundation, Realdania, Brdr. E.S.A. Larsens Grant, Bornholms Business Foundation, Sparekassen Bornholms Foundation, Bornholms Brand, Nordea Kredit, and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.



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