100 volunteers and 10.000 wildflowers helped biodiversity at Nørre Campus

More wild nature has entered the city after the University of Copenhagen held a planting day the 10th of June. Around 100 volunteers spend their afternoon helping transform 600 square meters of lawn into wild biotop gardens, by putting 10.000 wildflowersfrom URBANGREEN into the ground.

The planting day is a part of a larger conversion of the University’s campus designed by GXN, where visitors will get a greater understanding of biodiversity and inspire them to go out into nature.    

Harebell, sticky catchfly, and Widow Flower all part of URBANGREENs selection of colorful wildflowers. The plants grow far away from the city in huge grasslands, but now they can be experienced in the middle of Nørrebro. Four small wild nature gardens lays out with each characteristic plants from respectively grassland, meadow, forest, and beach.  

The flowers from URBANGREEN are only half of the project; later this summer furniture designed by GXN will occupy the middle of gardens creating a complete experience.

The idea behind the gardens is to not only create biodiversity in the city, but also inspire people to get out and experience the nature of Denmark.

Wildflower ambassadors will study the development

Specially selected flowers will increase biodiversity by acting as a resource for insects, butterflies, and birds. A group of ambassadors have been chosen to study the gardens over time in order to secure and analyze that biodiversity is kept.

In a traditional urban park, insects cannot thrive because of the limited biodiversity, consisting of only lawn and bushes. Insects either eat or gather nectar from specific plants. Nørre Campus is an example of how it is possible to create a green space filled with biodiversity in an urban environment and at the same time giving the visitor an experience.

Read more about the project HERE.


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