Opening reception for the Biotope Gardens

On September 4th 2015 at 14.30 to 15.30 the University of Copenhagen holds the opening reception for Biotope Gardens on Nørre Campus.

Come and discover the new nature spaces with furniture that lights up in the night, both designed by GXN. At the reception, you can learn more about why the wild plants should grow at the University Campus, and what you can use nature spaces for as a students, citizen or school class.

At the opening reception there will be presentations from Dean John Renner Hansen from the University Department of Science, Henrik Lehmann Andersen from the Nordea Foundation, biologist Hans Henrik Bruun from the University Department of Biology and Project Manager Elisabeth Wulffeld from KU Wild Campus. You also meet the volunteers Flower Ambassadors and see a new film series from the most beautiful nature on Zealand.

Nature spaces developed by GXN

The Biotope Gardens is part of a major renovation of the University Park designed by GXN that will create recreational areas that inspire greater interest and understanding of biodiversity and at the same time arouse the interest of users to get out and experience nature in Denmark.

Harebell, sticky catchfly and Field Scabious are specially selected flowers that increases biodiversity by acting as a resource for insects, butterflies and birds. The wild and colorful plants supplied by GXNs subsidiary URBANGREEN, typically grows on sunny grasslands, and pastures far from the city centers, but now you can also get to know the plants in the center of Nørrebro. Here are four small natural spaces planted each with their own characteristic plants from the Danish grasslands, meadows, forest and beach.

The project team also included SLA landscape architects. 

Read more about the project here


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