Kasper Guldager Jensen expert at Sustainability Board

Kasper Guldager Jensen has been appointed to the AFA JCDecaux Sustainability Board that works to develop solutions that benefit the environment and Copenhagen as the world's green capital and the ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality and sustainability, as both Copenhagen and AFA JCDecaux have.

AFA JCDecaux offers outdoor media within city equipment, trains, buses, billboards and airports where the company is a market leader in urban furniture. AFA JCDecaux wants to ensure aesthetic and functional design, which is in harmony with the surroundings, thus sustainability and environmental concerns play a major role. For this reason, AFA JCDecaux has invited the City of Copenhagen to jointly develop and continuously improve design and operation of city fixtures.

Besides Kasper Guldager, Gitte Krasilnikoff (sustainability and circular business models) has also appointed to the board that in addition to the two moderators will consist of two representatives from the City of Copenhagen and two persons from AFA JCDecaux.


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