Oceans of Plastic

As part of the exhibition's focus on future possibilities with plastic, GXNs work with biocomposites is displayed at the Utzon Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

Can we develop innovative design strategies, which for example reuse plastic in new ways, or can we design products, which are not harmful to the environment? This requires that we solve the problems together, both now and in the future.

Today, more than 8000 kilograms of plastic are produced per second, which is used in all sorts of products. However, when the plastic products are no longer used, they constitute a challenge for the environment as well as a catastrophe for the oceans of the world. The challenge is how we can solve these problems, when our consumption of plastic does not seem likely to change.

The heart of the exhibition is the installation of 12 tons of weathered flotsam of plastic, fished out of the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii as well as from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The problem obviously exists all over the world. This also applies in Denmark, where no fish in the sea have not been in contact with plastic, and where our beaches are increasingly exposed to plastic washed up from the sea.

The themes of the exhibition are:
- Plastics in the sea - the scale of the environmental challenge and micro-plastic in our food-chain
- Plastics in daily life – plastic as material and product
- Plastics in the future – how we can cooperate and design for sustainability

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