GXN is part of Building Green

When the most important trade fair in Denmark within the field of sustainable and energy efficient buildings takes place next week, GXN is present as both an exhibitor but also as part of the conference and seminar program.

GXN is part of the stand 'Building a circular future'. With a focus on 'Design for Disassembly', architects, contractors and demolition companies have developed solutions to ensure the reuse of materials with the economic benefits as an incentive. At the stand four in-depth booklets about building a circular future, mockups of 1:1 construction details as well as a well reckoned case study where a demolition is done to one million business is displayed. The project is developed by GXN Innovation, MT Højgaard, Kingo Karlsen, VIA University College, Vugge til Vugge and Henrik Innovation - and supported by the Ministry of Environment.

In addition, Kasper Guldager Jensen, Senior Partner 3XN and Director GXN, and John Sommer, Sales Director MT Højgaard, are part of the conference program with the presentation: 'Building a circular future’.  Casper Østergaard, Architect at GXN, is part of the seminar 'The construction industry's effort to stimulate the market for sustainable resources from construction and demolition waste '.

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