A festival that gives more than it throws away

In the newest issue of the Danish sustainability magazine BYG (BUILD), with the summer theme: festivals, GXN contributes with the article A festival that gives more than it throws away. In the article GXN provides a number of suggestions for circular solutions for the large amounts of waste that is generated at Danish festivals.

Danish Summer equals festivals, all over the country the Danes enjoy music and party. But when the party is over, all festivals is left with considerable quantities of waste.

Roskilde Festival for example, every year makes Roskilde city the fourth largest in the country with over 130,000 guests. Together, the festival guests leave almost 2,000 tonnes of waste annually, which is collected by volunteers during and after the festival has ended. Out of this amount 1,766 tons will be fractionated as combustible waste and the materials used for energy production, and thus is lost for future use.

In a circular perspective, this is not a best practice, and it is worth examining how the resources of that amount could be better and added several periods of use. Thus the ambition must be to strive to achieve a longer life for the waste materials and do away with the huge waste of resources.

Read the article here (Danish)


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