New research will make architecture and psychology interact

The research project is funded by the Realdania Foundation, and will be performed by architectural psychologist Mille Sylvest in cooperation with Roskilde University and 3XN’s Innovation Unit, GXN. The project aims to identify how architecture affects human behavior and social wellbeing. It will form the foundation for a set of guidelines that architects can use to create buildings that to a higher extent demand satisfaction from users. 

Use of architecture psychology has long been a focus area at 3XN, but is otherwise a fairly new field in Denmark. At the Academic Architects Association chairman Natalie Mossin is excited about the project: "The project provides an opportunity for a unique gathering of knowledge about the relationship between the architects ' intentions for the building and users' lived experiences. It creates the basis for an exchange across phases of construction, which is needed and holds great value".

The project will be completed in 2016, and is also supported by the Research and Innovation Agency, while the Danish Architecture Center is a partner.

Read more about the project here.

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