GXN and Danish Architecture Center welcomes you to “Material World”

Introduction of new materials helps to develop the architecture with new expressions, new properties and new surfaces. Hollow plastic balls in concrete reduce the use of concrete and transportation costs and new types of insulation can save billions on the world's total energy bill and thus reduce global CO2 emissions.

"Material World has been a fantastic project for GXN to work with - any material enthusiast’s dream! Here's everything from intelligent clay sheets to air-cleaning tiles and fluorescent paint. It is a sensuous exhibition with hundreds of physical tests and range of international examples of innovative use of materials in 1:1 "says Kasper Guldager Jørgensen Head of GXN and partner of 3XN.

From March 29 at 5pm 17:00 you can visit the exhibition Material World at DAC, where you can see, touch and explore 100 different material qualities and attributes in five categories: strong, light, green, smart and transparent materials. Additionally you can look at 12 of the materials in the building range in size and really get the story of some of the Danish and international structures, which the materials have helped to make possible.

The exhibition runs until June 5th.

Read more about the exhibition by GXN here
Read more about Material World on the DAC's website here

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