GXN is prequalified for green pilot project on Almegaard Barracks, Denmark

Along with PLH, COWI and URBANlab, GXN will develop a competition proposal for how Almegaard Barracks can become a showcase for the "green" industries capabilities in sustainable solutions.

The competition "Green Establishments" aims to support innovative initiatives in the Danish defense, while creating the possibility of a showcase for the "green" industrial capabilities within structures, buildings, installations, processes and behavior. The objective is to optimize resources through life circle design and promotion of sustainable solutions.

In the competition COWI, PLH, URBANlab and GXN will develop an innovative master plan showing how a number of specific reductions of resource consumption, CO2 emissions and waste can be achieved, whilst leaving bids on innovative and sustainable demonstration projects, which benefit the environment, users and support green business with new knowledge.

“There competition has a huge potential because it besides from being a building project will implement an entire sustainable strategy for a big public enterprise. For GXN the competition is a possibility to develop project specific green designs that improves the physical setting of the defense and at the same time enhances green innovation in Danish industry” GXN, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen

The aim is to realize the showcase project for a total purchase of EURO 8.6 million.

The competition is expected to be completed end of 2013.



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