The Star Lamp – now available for purchase

This geometric lamp is now in production and is distributed by Normann Copenhagen.

Star is a simple, bright and airy lamp with a typical Nordic expression. Director of GXN, 3XN’s innovation unit, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen has developed and designed the Star lamp in collaboration with Normann Copenhagen. The idea for the Star arose from experimenting with various geometric shapes. Star consists of 50 acrylic pieces assembled by four different geometric shapes. A combined complex and simple shape has been created to form the silhouette of a star.

The enclosed, geometric shape lights up the lamp and its surroundings like a crystal. The mirror inside of the lamp causes the light to be reflected out between the white and transparent acrylic pieces. The lamps light and expression change constantly and create new reflections depending how the light falls. This brings the lamp to life and makes it dynamic to look at.

Kasper Guldager Jørgensen says: "Design is a fantastic field for experimentation and development. Design makes it possible to play with materials and geometry. It creates new possibilities within both design and architecture. The Star lamp emerged from an experiment with geometric shapes. Its typical Nordic expression makes it a perfect fit for the design universe of Normann Copenhagen. "

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