Daylight and digital design

In the PhD thesis ”Parametri i praksis. Generativ performance i arkitektur” Architect Tore Banke develops software, which simulates daylight and solar radiation in buildings. The dissertation is the result of an Industrial PhD project carried out in cooperation with 3XN architects’ division for green innovation GXN.

Daylight and solar radiation is essential for the comfort level in a building, how it is being used as well as the building's energy consumption. The newly developed software is designed to help architects achieve greater certainty about day-lighting, energy use, and local climate conditions in the early design stages. And that is an advantage in the context of international architectural competitions, where there is a demand for quick solutions, which are attractive, sustainable and cost-effective.

The project has been developed in collaboration with GXN, 3XN’s division for green innovation, that is dedicated to creating successful innovation through applied science. Therefore, all projects in GXN are created through interdisciplinary collaborations with selected specialists. GXN works with multidisciplinary and network-based innovation in a number of research projects in areas such as architectural psychology, software development and production of wild plant species.

Throughout the project Tore Banke has studied 3XN's design process, working methods and tools and developed a wide range of parametric modeling tools to fit their unique workflow. After this he has implemented tools in the early design process of ongoing projects.

The dissertation shows that 80 percent of the design decisions that are made about a building come to pass in the first 20 percent of the design process. With the new parametric tools, the early decisions about daylight and solar radiation can be taken on the basis of a higher level of information. At the same time the communication between the design team and their partners - eg. engineers and developers will be improved. This contributes to internal and external design safety, which ultimately results in increased design-related freedom for the architect.

In spite of the obvious advantages of parametric methods, only very few studios use the tools in the early design stages today.

The defense, which is public, will take place on October 22 2013 at 1 pm in Room D3, Building 68 D, Philip de Langes Allé 10 , Holmen 1435 Copenhagen K.

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