GXN takes part in designing Denmark’s first house made out of biological materials

The development of The Biological House to be built by nature's own materials has just been initiated.

Along with the architect studio EenTilEen, Danish Technological Institute, NCC and Deloitte GXN are developing a proposal for a biological house, a new sustainable Danish housing concept which offers accommodation of high quality and is built entirely of bio-based debris from the agricultural industry.

Materials, today categorized as ' waste ' and for this reason incinerated, will be reprocessed into valuable building materials based on residual material from the production of wheat, canola, hemp, seaweed, corn, etc. The project makes use of the Cradle to Cradle principles, material "upcycling" and new digital production technologies in the development of a modern and ecological house with high architectural quality.

The aim is to create a modular and modern housing concept that addresses the general public with an integrated resource model and practical solution to future climatic and economic challenges.

The house will be on display at the Building Centre in Middelfart, Denmark and is to demonstrate the possibility to build more efficient and sustainable by using bio-based residual materials in combination with new digital production methods.

The photo displays 'Villa Asserbo' developed by EentilEen and the forerunner of The Biological House in Middelfart which will be completed in 2016. Photographer: Karsten Damstedt


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