Material World


Danish Architecture Centre, Realdania

Materials that matter
Together with Danish Architecture Center, GXN curated the exhibition, Material World, which opened in March 2012. The exhibition focuses on how material innovation is leading to a new architectural understanding. It displays mockup installations, samples of materials and examples in realized buildings from all over the world. The aim is to show that new materials and the associated technologies can help us meet future challenges and inspire the search for new solutions in architecture and construction.

This aim is explained by showing examples of construction projects, where innovative materials have been used. In the case of each construction project, the exhibition demonstrates the following aspects: Why is the use of precisely this material interesting? What importance has the use of materials for architecture? What are the innovations behind this? These materials may be experienced in life-sized construction segments as well as on the presentation tables where you can look, touch and examine the world of materials and explore their qualities and properties.

The exhibition displays a hundred different materials, divided into five categories: strong, lightweight, green, smart and transparent. Using a selection of Danish and international buildings, it shows how twelve of the materials presented have been crucial to the architecture of these structures.

Building upon networks and relationships
Through-out the selection process GXN reached out to over two hundred material vendors and manufacturers in search of the most innovative and sustainable products used in today’s building industry. By direct dialogue and clear communication there was the possibility to get physical samples in dimensions that perfectly fit the display area of each exhibit table.

GXN worked closely with the Danish Architecture Center in order to achieve the best and on time result. This coordination process was a key factor in making sure that each material and mock-up was properly displayed allowing the visitor to get a personal and up close experience with the exhibit.

Among others, the exhibition was reviewed by Danish national newspaper, Politiken and received 5 out of 6 “hearts”.

Read the Material World catalog here
Copenhagen, Denmark

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