Architectural Psychology


Interdisciplinary research project
Throughout 2011 GXN has cooperated with Behavioral Specialist Mille Sylvest, in order to examine whether the company’s focus on behavior also can be seen in the daily use of our buildings.

With a basis in Middelfart Savings Bank, Mille Sylvest has conducted a research project that deals with employee behavior. The purpose of the project has been to investigate whether Middelfart Savings Bank lives up to 3XN’s own expectations concerning the behavior that the building generates.

Behavior as the pivotal point
3XN has, as a part of a holistic understanding of design, chosen to place behavior as a central theme in the architecture. In this context 3XN believes that architecture affects human behavior and contributes to the creation of new relations among individuals.

Architectural Psychology
These thoughts on behavior can also be found in Architectural Psychology. Here it is pointed out, that there is reciprocity between humans and the built environment. The architecture affects our behavior, but at the same time we also influence the architecture in order to make it suit the activities that we want to carry out in certain buildings.

In this context, Architectural Psychology can contribute with a number of methods that can be used in order to consider different forms of behavior and therefore achieve well functioning buildings.

The investigations
The research project has been conducted at Middelfart Savings Bank and has mainly concerned itself with knowledge sharing and employee satisfaction in the open plan office.

The investigations have been carried out through a series of different interviews with employees and management, as well as surveys and observations concerning behavior and interactions among the employees working on the three open office plateaus of the bank.

Credit: Mille Sylvest, cand. mag. (Master of Arts in Architectural Psychology)
Middelfart, Denmark

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