The integrated façade


Integration and flexibility
The Integrated Building Envelope is a development project initiated by Building Lab DK. The mission is to make a prefabricated module-based façade system operating with user configuration and project-specific solutions. It will be commercialised through individual mass production.

A high level of flexibility is attained by integrating various subsystems. Apart from the basic module made of pultruded glass fibres, the systems consist of a number of functional components which allow the user to determine the degree of integration of, for example, ventilation, sun screening, energy collectors and climate-active materials.

Unique advantages
By using glass fibre as the primary building material, a number of unique advantages are achieved. The façade system has no thermal bridges, is slim, has low weight and is translucent.

Ever stricter requirements have to be met in the building sector. Therefore, it is important not just to live up to, but to create new standards. The aim of the project is to create an environmentally neutral façade which will meet the rising need for green building components.

The partners of the Integrated Building Envelope consortium are: Arup, Fiberline Composites, Permasteelisa Group, Art Andersen, Cabot, Make Architects and GXN.
London, UK

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