Mind Your Behaviour


Architecture in full size
The exhibition is the biggest 3XN solo exhibition to this date. The concept behind the exhibition design was to create a physical experience of chosen buildings by mocking up four architectural sculptures in full size; sculptures that melt together with the specially designed podiums and floor patterns. GXN has carried out the design, technical drawings, and the buildup.

The four meter tall mock-ups fill up the space. They almost grow from the geometrical floor patterns and divide the exhibition into smaller areas, which invites the visitors to move freely and experience the space from all angles. The architectural sculptures shows the referenced projects in a size, where you sense the forms and geometries in 3XNs projects.

A perfect puzzle
‘It has been very exciting and a great challenge for us to produce the exhibition. We have milled out more than 1000 sheets into a kind of puzzle, entirely by trusting the 3D file from GXN. Normally there will always be adjustments in a complicated job like this, so it was fantastic to see how it all matched up perfectly, when we assembled the elements into architectural mock-ups and podiums. It has been a very positive experience to see how the combination of our craftsmanship and the precise drawings from the architects created a seamless process’, says master cabinetmaker Mogens Pedersen from Pedersen and Pilegaard.

Press release from Danish Architecture Centre
The exhibition invites you to step in behind the scenes at one of the largest and most successful architectural companies in Denmark, 3XN.

‘There's a very good reason why we chose to zoom in on 3XN in this next Close Up exhibition. 3XNs very distinctive buildings have given them a unique position here in Denmark and abroad – a position which they have achieved not just by concentrating on the human element, but also by venturing out into research and development cutting across professional and trade interests. This has enabled them to create a new kind of architecture that lives up to the global call for sustainable buildings and urban environments coupled with high artistic merit’, says Kent Martinussen, CEO of the Danish Architecture Centre.

Shaping behaviour
Architecture can get people talking together and can calm children in the classroom. Architecture can make passive people more active. In short, architecture can shape your behaviour. The exhibition is based on 3XNs most recent and remarkable projects, and provides an insight into the thoughts, visions and processes that lie behind 3XNs architecture. 3XN has carved out a unique position for itself within Danish architecture and has a strong presence internationally – thanks to the studio’s spectacular buildings, a firm focus on innovation and not least the important position given to human behaviour.

The exhibition ‘Mind Your Behaviour’ can be seen from February 12 until May 13 2010, at Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B in Copenhagen.

Visit the exhibition website here
Experience a 360 degree view of the exhibition here

Development and Design: GXN
Production: Pedersen og Pilegaard
Construction: Danish Architecture Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark

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