Restaurant NOMA

Food Lab and Office

Gross Floor Area
200 m2


GXN role

GXN team
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, André van Leth, Lila Held, Morten Norman Lund, Lars-Erik Eriksson, Pedram Seddighzadeh, Matthew Scarlett, Bjørk Christensen, Kyle Baumgardner, Elliot Mistur, Tore Banke, Simon McKenzie and Jacob Hilmer

New Inspiration
As the number one ranked restaurant on for two years in a row, the expectations for creative innovation at NOMA are higher than ever before.  Therein lay the need for an inspiring ‘experimentarium’ where chefs could continue to take their skills further in the evolution and development of Nordic cuisine. This commission was given GXN, whose experimental design was an excellent match for NOMA’s innovative gastronomy.

Design Restrictions
The NOMA Lab is connected to NOMA situated in a former warehouse on the national registry of protected buildings.  The tight restrictions meant that GXN was required to design the interior without using so much as one single nail in the walls or flooring.  The approach was to design four central multi-functional storage units; each composed from over five hundred uniquely formed wooden cubes. 

Nordic, Raw and Playful
Curving playfully throughout the space, these units divide the 200M2 room into smaller areas accommodating the Food Lab, the herb garden, staff areas and office.  Raw and simple, through colors and forms, it captures a unique Nordic aesthetic.  True to the restaurant’s philosophy, the NOMA Lab is developed exclusively using Nordic materials.

The organic forms of the furniture pieces stand out through use of integrated light features, which also give the interior a lighter feel. The additional lighting is provided by GXN’s specially developed STAR lamp, whose reflective light casts dramatic geometric shadows into the surroundings.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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