The Settlers



Modern comfort in sustainable house
The Settlers – sustainable houses in Næstved, Denmark, is GXN’s proposal for how to provide all the comforts of the single-family house in a way that supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Common streetscape in green clusters
Inspired by the structure of a cluster of grapes the 22 houses are arranged around an urban common space and a common house. These spaces get a street like character at the end of which wooden decks flow into the surrounding waves of green fields creating meeting points for the residents. Here they can enjoy the evening sun together while chatting with their neighbours and watching the children play in the fields.

Adaptable to future needs
Towards the landscape the house has its own private terrace. Here nature in great parts grows freely. The grass of the fields stands high and gives each family a private outdoor space with sun and view to the nature.

Each house is made of four basic modules which can be combined in various ways. The base module provide the families with a lighted, high ceiling kitchen-dining area which opens to an outdoor terrace as well as connects the spacious entrance room with the private rooms of the house.

The base module has a high open space letting daylight in and creating a chimney effect for heating regain. This feature ascertains a climate friendly energy concept as well as a clear architectural profile. From the base module the house can be enlarged.

Tailored made houses
The module structure provides the residents with three fundamental advantages; functionality, flexibility, and changeability. This is combined with a design process which is focus on involving the residents and with a unique production technic so the families can take part in creating their own home; A house which is adapted to their individual needs and is easy changeable concurrently with the change in the family’s life; A house which supports a sustainable lifestyle; a house which is produced in an effective way in regard to time, economy and material resources and which takes account of the environment.

Digital production
The houses are produced with an innovative and sustainable building concept which is tested all the way through for its economical, aesthetic, and environmental impact. The system is based on lightweight CNC milled wooden cassettes which after being assembled are filled with wood fibres as insolation.

Precision in the digital production minimizes the need for further processing and material waste. Through use of digital technology thee individual designs are transformed directly from the computer to the digital milling machine which cuts the building elements in sustainable Scandinavia spruce.

Sustainable equal value and quality of life
The homes also meet all environmental certifications, but sustainable architecture becomes relevant, when it adds value and quality of life for residents. We have selected five focus areas where green solutions can be experienced and becomes relevant:

1. Materials. The construction process ensures that residents from the start can see and touch the sustainable and healthy materials the house is built of.
2. Nature. By placing houses on pills instead of foundations the existing habitat is preserved, so residents from day one can enjoy nature's life.
3. Water. Rain and waste water is recycled and used to create beautiful rain gardens and root zone.
4. Energy. The houses architectural design and integrated solar cells ensures energy efficient homes that save families money.
5. Air. Natural ventilation, opening facades and healthy materials ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

The project has made cooperation with design studio

Næstved, Denmark

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