GXN team
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Christian Wamberg Rasmussen, André van Leth, Bodil Nordstrøm, Thomas Holst Madsen and Henrik Leander Evers

New areas of business
With two separate goals in mind, 3XN has powered up the research department to generate new initiatives. One goal is to develop 3XNs knowhow to turn both the design and the construction process in a more sustainable direction – the other goal is to make use of 3XNs excellent design skills and thereby create entirely new areas of business within eco-friendly construction components and design. In cooperation with PhotoSolar, GXN has just received funding from the Danish Energy Agency to develop and design a new and revolutionary green window.

Many promising technologies but no products
"In our projects, one of the central obstacles we encounter repeatedly is the interrelationship between sun screening, daylight transmittance and general aesthetics. As of yet no product on the existing market offers a combined, optimal solution incorporating all three issues, which is why we always end up compromising. Promising technologies and materials capable of meeting the mentioned demands do exist, but no actual products have been developed. “Microshades” is a good example of how we as designers can make a big difference, if we undertake the duty to involve ourselves directly in the technological process and product development", states Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, head of GXN.

Thus, teamed up with the technological company PhotoSolar, 3XN has come up with and now also landed the funding for a development project for the Danish Energy Agency to devise and design a new type of integrated window concept comprising sun screening, window and lamella.

The project will run over a period of two years and will help to rethink and process PhotoSolars “Microshade”-technology and turn it into an appealing solution for architects worldwide.

Combining sustainability with aesthetics
"Above all, we at 3XN have always put beautiful design at the top of our agenda. To truly obtain perfection in every aspect, we are determined to integrate sustainability in our creative visions. Eco-friendly buildings are not tantamount to dreary and undesirable architecture. We want our designs to be beautiful and eco-friendly – our wish is to create sustainable buildings that are prominent, beautiful and innovative!, creative director and principal architect Kim Herforth Nielsen says, and continues: "This necessitates an infusion of professional qualifications and new skill sets in our practice, knowledge in the area of environmental technologies, optimal designs etc. At the same time, we believe that with our design philosophy and holistic approach we can be of value to the in the environmental friendly research process and bring new sustainable initiatives and products to the market."

The GXN will now assemble a cross-disciplinary design team to see the project through in cooperation with a number interesting outside partners.
Tåstrup, Denmark

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