Verd Mallorca

Mallorca Walls

Hotel and conference center

Gross Floor Area
10.000 m2


GXN role

GXN team
Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Laura Wagner, Maria Tkacova, Lasse Lind, Martin Malthe Borch, Liv Grethe Framgaard, Monica Wiecek, Morten Norman Lund, Ana Merino

Green Tourism

Verd Mallorca is a 3XN and GXN design for a new hotel and conference center placed centrally on the island of Mallorca. The hotel offers lifestyle tourism with facilities for sport, swimming, as well as cycling and hiking in the surrounding hilly landscape. It is the ambition that the hotel will be an alternative to the traditional beach tourism on Mallorca, and sustainability is therefore the focal point of both the facilities of the hotel as well as the architecture.   

Symbiosis between building and landscape

Based on the islands characteristic linear wine yards the building is designed as symbiosis between architecture and nature, where the building volumes are weaved together with fruit tree orchards and recreational spaces. A series of overlapping circles distributes the individual hotel rooms and common areas in a unique master plan that favors both the functional demands of the hotel and the need to create an exclusive resort with an attractive ambience.

Inspiration from local architecture

By learning from the traditional architectural elements on Mallorca, the project creates a sensitive connection between the traditional ‘Fincas’, the new hotel and the Mediterranean landscape. Patios are interpreted in a contemporary way to create evocative communal spaces and private outdoor spaces for the hotel units while pergolas shade passages and squares and the traditional water element ‘Safareig’ is used aesthetically to bind the master plan together and create cooled microclimates.

Sustainable water circuits

Freshwater is a valuable resource on Mallorca and the ambition of the project is therefore not just to optimize the water consumption, but also to improve the quality of the water in the hotel system. This is achieved through a site specific ecosystem wherein water is collected, stored and cleansed through a series of biological processes and by securing a low evaporation through carefully adapted vegetation.

Mallorca, Spain

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