Urban Green Biotopes

Planting for the city's green roofs, facades, in wet beds and roads


GXN role
Concept development

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgense, Silvia Funieru, Peter Villemoes, Morten Norman Lund, Hanna Johansson

Company Partners: Nissen Consult, 3kanten A/S Salespartner: Byggros A/S

About Urban Green ®

What does krageklo, torskemund og kællingetand have to do with future green buildings?

Urban Green ® brings the wild nature into the city and creates lush, wild nature on green roofs, facades, wet beds and road systems.

The project began as a research and development project between architects, biologists and gardeners and is now established as an independent company with Byggros as sales partner.

Urban Green ® has now succeeded in developing Danish plant communities and authentic biotopes for green buildings. This means that plants previously considered weeds, now can be used to make the city greener, healthier and more beautiful. Plants like katteskæg, blodrød storkenæb and læge-hundetunge can be used strategically in future sustainable buildings to support the natural plant and animal life in Denmark and create the biodiversity that is needed in the specific regions that are built in.

GXNs role is to develop the concept toward the construction industry's need for biodiversity and climate change adaptation. GXNs knowledge in environmental materials will ensure that the concept consists of biodegradable components and ensures a holistic sustainable approach.

Urban Green in architecture

The Urban Green concept makes it possible to tailor unique solutions for buildings in Holte as well as Hirtshals, focusing on flora and fauna, and the concept is already meeting great response with essential partners. For example, parts of the sustainable landscape that will encircle Novo Nordisk's new headquarters in Bagsværd, are done in collaboration with Urban Green ®. Rasmus Astrup, landscape architect and project director of SLA, sees a great potential for the future of green roofs and urban spaces with Urban Green ®:

"It's fantastic and totally unique that Urban Green allows for high levels of biodiversity and a very sensory experience based on the Nordic vegetation and biotopes. For landscape architects this enables us, to an even greater degree, to design based on the seasons, plants and wildlife. "

Urban Green ® offers more than 100 different wild Danish plant species in seven different biotopes that consists of; beach, salt marsh, heath, grasslands, meadows, forests and fens. By using locally adapted plant species instead of foreign Sedum species, biodiversity is increased and the choice of Danish wild species promotes all the scents, colors and wildlife of wild Danish nature.

Fens are particularly suitable for absorbing rainwater. This means that the biotope can be used for collecting rain water because the water is evaporated and halted, instead of running directly to the sewer, which can cause flooding at particularly heavy rain.

Also at the municipal level, there is strong support for Urban Green ®. Dorthe Rømø, who is project manager in the Copenhagen municipal center for Parks and Nature, has followed the project from the beginning and is thrilled to see that initiatives such as green roofs in urban planning can bear fruit and create the conditions for enterprise creation such as Urban Green ®:

"It has been a pleasure to follow the project all the way from idea to full-fledged concept based on a fundamental and vital approach to the quality of the solution –precisely supporting biodiversity, which fits hand in glove with Copenhagen's Biodiversity Strategy."

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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