Urban Nature

Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen

Museum of Copenhagen

Exhibition Design


GXN role
Exhibition design

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Peter Villemoes, Christian Henrik Christensen Dalsgaard, Daniel Philip Veenboer, Hanna Johansson, Hali Larsen

Project manager: Lene Anette Tanghøj Nielsen, Landscaping: Jonas Schul, Production: Lasse Esbensen of Kuubo produktion, Urban Farmer Signe Voltelen and Graphics: Fie Sahl Kreutzfeldt

Concept and Design

GXN has curated, developed and designed the exhibition design for ‘Urban Nature’ at the Museum of Copenhagen. The exhibition explores how nature’s role in the city has been shaped according to trends and needs of the time and how nature today plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the people living in the cities. In addition, visitors are able to obtain more knowledge about the opportunities for sustainable urban growth and gain insight into the life of the city’s allotment gardens and parks, while discovering completely new ways of creating space for urban agriculture in the cities. The exhibition design is based on the three themes; cultural nature, supplying nature and regulative nature.

Contrary to traditional museum exhibitions, the intention from the beginning was to let daylight and nature into the otherwise dark showrooms. The challenge was to find solutions locally to create the right exhibition conditions in regards to the more sensitive objects. Thus, high walls as a compartmenting are placed to create shade, so sensitive objects can be shield from the light. Large graphic walls helps to create identity and an informative tour through the exhibition and exhibition landscape.

Displays and podiums are moved away from the walls and broken down into smaller elements that form a landscape. It allows the visitors to move around the objects and view them from different angles, sitting or from high above. The design is made to create a democratic exhibition at eye level and with room for play and movement – illustrated by the design where one level in the landscape that can act as a chair, serve as a staircase or as an alternative route. Thus, the visitors are given the opportunity to go explore the exhibition landscape made of podiums, objects, sounds and movies.

Six hearts in the Danish newspaper Politiken

The Exhibition opened April 30, 2014 and received 6 out of 6 ‘hearts’ by Danish newspaper, Politiken’s Culture Critic, Marie Carsten Pedersen.
Copenhagen, Denmark

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