Future recycling centre


Concept development


GXN role
Concept development, ideation workshops, design, and production

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Lasse Lind, Hanna Johansson, Hali Larsen, James Zhang

Sustainable recycling centre of the future

The main goal for the project was to design a communicative sculpture that would present the idea of the future recycling centre, show the goals and vision of Vestforbrændning and invite people to discuss and ask question about what the recycling centre of the future actually could look like.

In an integrated collaboration between GXN and the Danish resource management company Vestforbrænding three different concepts for a sustainable recycling centre of the future was developed.

A collaborative process

GXN facilitated three workshops with Vestforbrændning, where the knowledge of the organization, as well new ideas where put into play. Through study trips, iterative sketching and dialogue meetings, the concepts and form of the model evolved.

The driving question was; what does the recycling centre of the future look like? If the ambitions of a more resource effective society is to be realized, the recycling centres play a central role as the places that collect and distributes materials in a circular manner.

That means thinking about these facilities in a completely new way. Recycling centres are no longer just hidden technical installations, but places where municipalities and citizens interact, and where upcycling and recycling is enhanced.  The recycling centres may be the libraries of our future society.

A place for learning and upcycling

Given the increased importance of treating waste as resources, the recycling centres could have a much more central and diverse role in the cities than they have today. They could provide social, educational and commercial services to the citizens, create new meeting places and invite to new activities. Depending on its location, each recycling centre could have a different approach related to its context.

Thus, GXN developed three different context and concepts Nature – City – Industry, to communicate the diversity and possibilities of the recycling centres. Each concept communicates different stories about what is happening at the recycling centre of the future.

Three stories of future recycling

The recycling centre in the nature focusing on biological waste, gardening and ecosystem services. The recycling centre in the city is focused on social, educational and commercial services, and the recycling centre in the industry is focused on efficiency, closed loop resources methodology and direct recycling for the industrial sector.

The three stories are communicated through three podiums. The podiums contain stories, architectural models and material samples, that all combine to give an vision of what the future might look like, as well as an insight into all the initiatives Vestforbrænding is already taking to increase sustainability and user friendliness at their facilities.

The goal was to design an interactive furniture that opened up for further discussions by inviting people that to interact with it. When the podiums are taken a part, the three pieces create an exhibition space where the stories are told on the inside and models are displayed at the top of the podiums. When put together, they fit as Tetris pieces, and can easily be transported for various events within Vestforbrænding. 

Glostrup, Denmark

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