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GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Lasse Lind, Steffen Riegas, Morten Norman Lund

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A new network group

GXN is the professionally anchor of Innovation Lab’s new network group called 'Future Building'. The network aims to provide new knowledge about future relevant technologies and issues for the building industry and facilitate knowledge and experience. Members of the network are professionals in the building industry including architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, etc.

Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Director of GXN and partner of 3XN, facilitates the academic content and Ulla Tønner, Lab Agent at Innovation Lab, is in charge of the creative workshops.

The Future of building

In recent years, the field of building is changing at an increasing pace. Concurrently with climate crisis, the development of new technology and the increasing industrialization of building production, the building operators are faced with a number of options and questions. Where are the field of building going? Which themes will be significant in the coming years? How can we prepare ourselves the best possible way for the future?

Fortunately, researchers, developers and startups around the world are ready with new solutions. Solutions that extend from completely new materials, new building types from 3Dprint to organic construction, new and smart digital collaboration platforms to new available knowledge about the requirements for the new century requirements for accommodation facilities and working environment.

New solutions and opportunities

Based on presentations by national and international experts, the network will identify the opportunities and challenges facing the building industry in the future. Thus, all participants of the network group will both gain new knowledge from lecturers, experts within their field,  as well as discuss issues and experiences with peers from other institutions, suppliers and stakeholders in the country and thereby obtain knowledge from them and get inspiration for new solutions and options. 

A professional facilitator with strong international perspective leads the network. In addition, members of Innovation Lab offers their outside-in reflections and the network is taught Innovation Lab’s tools and methods.

Aarhus, Denmark

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