Green Master Studio


GXN role
Teaching, Curriculum, Accessesment

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Lasse Lind, Morten Norman Lund

AAA - Aarhus School of architecture

Studio Regenerative Architecture 

For the last year GXN has collaborated with Aarhus school of architecture in creating a master program that investigates new forms of symbiosis between the built environment and natural systems.

This new studio - ‘Studio Regenerative Architecture’ - focuses on contemporary sustainable building praxis, as well as both new and traditional materials and techniques. The studio investigates how the science and theory of contemporary ecology can influence architecture from an urban landscape scale and all the way to detailing of building parts.

These three projects is examples of three successful projects from the studio:

Megabyens Fleksible Boligby Jens Johansen thesis summer 2015

Food for Thought, by Casper Østergaard Christensen, thesis summer 2014

In The Interim, by Liv Grete Strømme Framgard, thesis winther 2013

Inspiration from Cradle to Cradle

With inspiration from Cradle to Cradle and research into new materials and building technologies as well as regional traditions and considerations, the studio is developing a regenerative design methodology, where integration of material metabolisms, renewable energy, water purification, active climate and increased biodiversity are part of the architectural means and aims.

Learning from nature and the vernacular

The studio finds inspiration in the world of biomimicry and is focused on designing manmade ecosystems in the built environment. Furthermore the studio will investigate how well- known materials and techniques from vernacular regional architecture can affect the green architecture of tomorrow.

The teaching is based on parallel assignments and interdisciplinary knowledge from science in order to create innovative project specific solutions.

Aarhus, Denmark

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