Climate City

Middelfart Kommune


GXN role

GXN team
Kasper Guldager og Casper Østergaard Christensen

SLA og Rekommanderet

Background and vision
For the Climate City in Middelfart, Denmark, GXN has, together with SLA and Rekommanderet, developed the project “Fra Skybrud til Regnfang” (“From Cloudburst to Tansy.”). Basically, the project involves the ‘climate proofing’ of the area by creating solutions above the ground instead of simply extending the existing sewerage system. The goal is, through many visible solutions, to lift the neighborhood and make it more attractive by establishing synergy between social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Water as Resource
The main idea is to use the increased amounts of water to create added value in the city. The physical initiatives in the project will make the water visible and articulate its movement from the highest point in Middelfart down to the strait Lillebælt. We articulate the water’s journey through the city by using different effects in three areas, each with its own character, until the water meets the sea and evaporates to become rain once again.

Poetry and experiences
The project seeks to add new poetic layers to the city, which at the same time has a high utility value as climate proofing. Plants and materials are used in new ways, so the rainwater is absorbed, exhibited and cleaned – several places even so much so that the water is cleaner than when it hit the ground.

From road water to drinking water
In Kongebrokilden, the project’s urban space, contaminated water from the road is collected.  A filter cleans the collected water, rendering it drinkable. In the new common house, “Regnfanget”, the roof of the pavilion collects rainwater and lets it pour down in the space as columns of water. The water is then collected and cleaned through a living machine of plants, so it can be used for watering and washing hands and football boots.

Middelfart, Denmark

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