Digital Factory

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation


GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Morten Norman Lund, Kenn Clausen, Alice Song, Albert Wang, Rasmus Skov, Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard, Sean Lyon

Odico, DTU - Compute, DTI

Bridge the Gap

Digital Factory is an extension of the ongoing research project Bladerunner. The vision of both projects is to revolutionize the architectural and construction industry by introducing robotic fabrication in design and construction management of buildings. This will allow architects to create and realize advanced organic building designs at price levels comparable to standard construction.

Bladerunner to Digital Factory

Bladerunner is the initial research of the technology of hot wire cutting while Digital Factory is the new and innovative software platform that integrates robotic fabrication into the digital building design and project management phases.

International Movement

In Danish as well as international construction, the share of iconic architectural projects with advanced geometry is rapidly growing, leading to a demand for technologies that enhance the architects' design freedom without increasing the construction budget. Digital Factory addresses the economic gap that complicates the utilization of organic forms in construction. It does so by:

1) developing a new set of innovative design tools that allow architects and designers to create geometries based on robotic production constraints, so that these geometries can be directly produced by industrial robots with no post-rationalization required

2) creating a transformative framework that integrates digital project management with programming of robotic production.

Odense, Denmark

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