Facade for Grove Towers

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation


GXN role
Designer, marketing, entrepreneur

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Kenn Clausen, Steffen Riegas, Morten Norman Lund, Monika Wiecek, Jingxian Xu, Alice Song, Albert Wang, Hali Larsen, Peter Villemoes, Matthew Lawson, Laura Wagner, Majritt Lerche Madsen

Confac, Odico, DTU - Compute, DTU - Mechanics, DTI

Individual Mass Production

The Grove Towers is a project located in Mumbai designed by 3XN in 2013. One of the project’s ambition is to invigorate local economy by sourcing local labour to construct the towers. A challenging aspect of this is the complex façade; every window covering is a unique size and dimension to protect the tenants from the heat of the sun. With the use of the Bladerunner technology, we can use off-site fabrications methods to make the molds for the concrete and use in-situ casting methods which will ensure the quality of the design, reduce costs, and still involve the local economy.

Customized Solutions

The two clusters of slender towers have distinctive facades of softly shaped sun visors. The sustainable facade design shift on each corner from horitzontal ‘leaf-shaped’ solar canopies to deep vertical fins which significantly reduces direct solar radiation. Every facade element varies as it rises towards the sky to optimize solar shading. 

Envisioning the Future

With contemporary concrete casting practices, the variation of facade elements would be greatly reduced to a level that is cost-effective for mass production. In the design there were 1800 unique molds but after optimization there is now 600 unique molds. GXN wants to push this constraint with the Grove Towers and this case study explores the implementation of the innovative robotic cell production of concrete formwork. The ambition of the Bladerunner project is to breakthrough the current constraints of construction, as exhibited through the Grove Towers, and to give greater freedom to architects so that design could be realized exactly as intended.

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Mumbai, India

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