Ballerup Recycling Center

Vestforbrændning, Ballerup Municipality

Recycling centre


GXN role
Architect, Upcycled materials

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Lasse Lind, Mikkel Møltoft Jensen, Alice Song, Andreas Herborg


Recycling Waste

The new recycling station in Ballerup will demonstrate the municipality’s ambition for a sustainable future, therefore we create a space that does much more than only receiving waste. 

GXN will re-design the idea of a recycling center. The intention is that citizens will be able to use the place as a center for the community, a place for fellowship and learning, a place that is visually appealing and welcoming.

A Sustainable Recycling Station 

The expression of the recycling station is green and will change look and character according to the time of the year.
The building is designed for energy class 2015 and with a focus on flexibility and use of recycled and recyclable materials. It should as far as possible be feasible to dismantle the building and the recyclable building materials for reuse elsewhere.
Green roofs help to delay the rainwater discharge and the rainwater harvesting is used for flushing toilets.

An Efficient Recycling Station

With an efficient and clear infrastructure where light and heavy traffic is separated it becomes easy, fast and secure for users and employees to use and maintain the recycling station’s functions.

An Open Recycling Station

The buildings are welcoming and performed with inviting facades of recycled materials that entice people inside.
The Multi House provides a framework for various activities such as workshop facilities, project work, school projects, rolling exhibitions, events , information and education.
Ballerup, Denmark

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