Cradle 2 Cradle Pavilion

Nordea Ejendomme



GXN role

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Kim Herforth Nielsen, Peter Feltendal, Pedram Seddighzadeh.

Engineer: COWI

A building that produces energy to its surroundings

3XN’s green innovation unit, GXN, is the architect behind the 150 m2 meeting pavilion that will be a movable spearhead for developing the construction industry in a more sustainable direction. The technology and design of the pavilion, developed in collaboration with engineers from COWI, Cradle 2 Cradle® Denmark and others, point towards a future where buildings contribute positively to the environment.

The solar cells integrated in the roof are angled so that they are exploited most efficiently. Together with a heat pump producing three times the heat energy it consumes in electrical power energy, the solar cells ensure that the building has a surplus of energy.

No waste, no spillage

The materials used in the pavilion are either 100 % biological degradable or recyclable. Among the degradable materials are biocomposites, which are building blocks, made out of for example flax or hemp. Well known building materials like steel and glass are also used as they can be recycled and therefore would not turn into waste if the pavilion some day is demolished. The C2C Pavilion is an on-going project, meaning that the pavilion is to be continuously improved as new inventions within sustainable building come about.

Lyngby, Denmark

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