Kim Herforth Nielsen, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Jonas Riis Jensen, Mads Hougaard, Jesper Thøger Christensen and Lasse Lind

Inspired by nature
To explore the possibilities in laser cutting, GXN has created a lighting installation inspired by the world of molecular biology. The installation was first presented at the opening of the practice’s new office in Copenhagen. We found inspiration for the title “45 CUBIC” in cubic geometry and particularly in the budding of crystals in 45 degree-angles.

No adhesive
The design consists of six acrylic pieces equal in size and shape, and they are put together to form a cube by using twelve smaller fasteners. The action is repeated and the cubes can grow in all directions. The result being a system that can be configured infinitely and thus unique lamps are created by means of relatively few components assembled without a single drop of adhesive.

Limited edition
45 CUBIC is manufactured in a series of 10 limited editions all individually adjusted to accommodate buyer’s requests. The first three lamps are already in the making: One is exhibited in 3XNs Copenhagen practice, one is ordered by a private buyer in Denmark, and the last of the three is to be exhibited in La Galerie d'Architecture in Paris, France. The price varies according to size. To date, the largest lighting installation is 5.5 meters long and the price is DKK 150,000. It is made of 20 light sources, 350 cubes and around 7,000 individual pieces.

“The idea behind the project is to work with light as a living organism. Rather than seeing the lamp as a static object, we wanted to create a structure which adapts to the individual room” says Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Head of GXN
Paris, France

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