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Need material inspiration?
During the past years, GXN has been working with development of new materials and technologies within the building industry. The collected knowledge has been published in an online database, where searches can be made on categories, functionalities or material families.

‘The world of new materials is rapidly growing. The possibilities of what materials can be used for change constantly - sometimes so fast that it is hard to keep updated. This is why we have published our research through the material search engine – a ‘google’ for materials so to speak’ says Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Head of GXN.

We believe in sharing our knowledge.
The intention behind the database is to be able to use this knowledge in a more systematic and easy to apply process within the 3XN architecture studio. Secondly, it is to become a voice on the subject within the materials community, sharing what we have learned and discovered. All users can comment on the various material characteristics and suggest new materials relevant for the database. It is also possible to sign up for the GXN newsletter, which automatically gets sent out regularly.

‘In the database it is possible to read up on what happens within glass products or do a more general search on sustainable materials. We try to research materials that surprise and challenge one’s imagination – pushing the boundaries of what is possible today. For example by doing a search on ‘translucent’ you will discover that glass is far from the only material with this characteristic. The search results also turn up materials such as composites and concrete’, says Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Head of GXN.

Good advice for configuration
The database is set-up to work on the computers of the 3XN studio, but with the right configuration on a PC, it is possible for anyone to use it. Material Google is set up to work using explorer. If you have difficulty viewing the graphics, then use ‘compatibility view’ under ‘tools’ on your browser.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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