Material Potential


From sketch to reality
The primary purpose of this workshop was to experiment with the nature of various materials to achieve an understanding of the potential and range of possibilities within the materials. By arranging for different teams to focus on one material each, the result was a hands-on understanding of the production and construction challenges one faces when a sketch materializes.

’Architecture should always be built upon a close relationship between design, materials and production’ – The idea behind this statement is to allow the potential of the materials to form the architectural expression. Materials have a wide range of appearances and just as many ways to form them.

The assignment
The challenge was to learn how to design, construct and realize 1:1 projects expressed in one single material. Working with the theme ‘transformation’ an architectonic sculpture was built within a given space of 100x100x200 cm using concrete, wood, fiber composite, glass, and metal plates. The projects were designed and built over a one week period by students from dept.8 at the Royal Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen.

Inspiration lectures by
New materials, Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, GXN
Wood, Jacob Vimpel, Jakon
Glass, Sine Brinkgaard Olsen, Nordisk Glas Center
Composites, Martin Pedersen, Glasfiberteknik
Concrete, Anne-Mette Manelius, SHL
Copenhagen, Denmark

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