SplineTEX table


SplineTEX table design
GXN have been collaborating with superTEX on designing a table using the properties of splineTEX. GXNs design philosophy is to make a design that brings together form in a unique dialogue between material potentials and possibilities in new ways of production. In the splineTEX table design the free form ability of the tubes is utilized to create a structure made of reciprocating parts that lock together to give the strength and stability needed for a table.

The material potential
The freeform structural composite tubes introduce a flexible technique used to mould fibre reinforced plastic tubes. This construction method allows the realization of strong dual curved spline structures without the need for costly moulding procedures. In its flexible stage the tubes can easily be free formed. In the second stage, after the tube is cured with resin, it can be used for structural purposes.

Design methodology
The design was driven by an intention to utilise the properties of splineTEX and designing a table with a shape and expression that could only be achieved through the use of the splineTEX tubing and the associated manufacturing technique. The final design brings together the production method and the material property in a design that plays with the idea of continues three dimensional splines.

More information on splineTEX and superTEX here

Telfs, Austria

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