The Adaptable House

Realdania Byg

Gross Floor Area
150 m2


GXN team
Kasper Guldager, Morten Norman Lund, Tianqi Zhang, and Aleksander Tokarz

Henning Larsen Architects

Adapting to the modern family

As our lives change and develop, our housing requirements develop too. Family expansion, joint-custody children, home offices, hobbies and changing taste are just a few examples of causes for readjustment. Adapting a home to new life phases can be difficult, costly and time consuming. Realdania Byg aims to challenge that by launching the cutting edge ‘The Adaptable House’ as a step towards the flexible housing of the future.

‘The Adaptable House’ addresses a modern family’s needs to adapt to changing ways of living and creates the possibility to continuously integrate new building technologies. It is important that ‘The Adaptable House’  is realized within conventional means to provide environmental, social and economical sustainable solutions.

Parameters for flexibility

Flexibillity is achieved through the introduction of seven architectural elements that provide solutions through five focus areas:

1: Comfort in ventilation, light, noise and temperature

2: Privacy that adheres to accessibility, visual and acoustical control

3: Program that accommodates various family types

4: Demographic that shifts with family needs

5: Lifestyle situations that respond to today’s living environments


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Nyborg, Denmark

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