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GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen and Liv Grete Framgard

En-Spire Seed Box

Sharing a common platform of circular design, GXN and En-Spire have collaborated on innovation in food presentation through a series of national and international events.

Building on cradle to cradle principles in design, taste and nature, we try to remove the concept of waste from both food and packaging together with En-Spire; a culinary consulting agency with a different approach toward gastronomy, using nature as inspiration for innovation.

For a food event at Roskilde Festival 2013 we focused on rethinking the idea of packaging to not only minimize the negative effects of disposables, but rather turning disposal into a positive action. GXN designed biodegradable packaging embedded with seeds from wildflower flora. The origami inspired packaging creates no waste and uses no harmful adhesives. Based on recycled paper, the seed box can be brought home or planted on site, slowly turning the disposables into wildflowers.

Also, as a follow-up to our book release of Cradle to Cradle for the Built Environment in February, where En-spire served sustainable delicacies, we sent participants a gift as a reminder of how food can be integrated in circular design. At the event, all tableware was biodegradable and recycled with the food leftovers. Composting the remains and mixing them with seeds from the consortium Urban Green, we designed a self-closing envelope from recycled paper, so the receivers can plant and enjoy wild strawberries or Danish thyme at home.

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Roskilde, Denmark

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