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GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Lasse Lind, Nikolai Arensbach, Morten Norman Lund, Liv Grete Framgard, Hanna Johansson, Daniel Philip Veenboer,

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Solar energy research project

The purpose of PV-grid is to develop and bring to market innovative solar cell systems for commercial players. GXN and various partners from the Danish solar power and energy sector will develop new system solutions as a part of the ‘smart grid Kalundborg’ project - which is about establishing an intelligent energy system in the city of Kalundborg.

The background for the project is the latest year’s significant growth in the amount of installed pv systems in Denmark, so the total capacity at the end of 2012 reached approx. 400 MW. Only a few of the plants were installed in companies, despite the fact that they consume a lot of power in the daytime, and potentially the most to gain from solar energy. They often have large roof or facade areas which are ideal for the construction of solar power plants.

Overcoming barriers

PV-grid will identify and overcome existing barriers to the use of solar power. Firstly, by demonstrating and disseminating business-specific solutions, which consist of more cost-effective solar systems - and by disseminating tools and knowledge about plant design, engineering and Smart Grid integration to relevant audiences. Finally, the project will identify the impact of having several major plants on our energy infrastructure. Overall, 4 MW solar power plants are expected to be installed by 25-50 companies in West Zealand, to ensure synergy with the ongoing Smart Grid development in Kalundborg.

New systems

GXN's role will be to assist with design solutions and the development and communication to encourage investment in solar cells among commercial players on the Danish market.

"We see great potential in the project, which will help create new knowledge and concrete building integrated solutions with high aesthetic quality. The ambition is that investments in solar cells must become more attractive to commercial operators through new products and business models" says director of GXN Kasper Guldager Jørgensen.

The project will utilize existing commercial buildings and urban areas for the construction of energy-saving measures, and thus contribute to achieving the necessary savings targets and making Denmark fossil-free in 2035.

Avedøre, Denmark

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