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GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Kenn Clausen, Morten Norman Lund, Steffen Riegas, Jingxian Xu, Rasmus Skov, Monika Wiecek, Alice Song, Albert Wang, Matthew Lawson, Hali Larsen, Dagmara Piszcz, Peter Villemoes, Aleksander Guldager Kongshaug, Allison Jang, Casper Østergaard Christensen

Odico Robotic Formworks, The Danish Teknological Institute, DTU Compute, DTU Mechanics, Confac

Rethinking the Construction Industry

Bladerunner is a collaborative research project between Confac, DTU, DTI, Odico, and GXN. The vision of this project is to revolutionize the construction industry by facilitating the production of advanced organic forms in architecture at price levels comparable to that of standard construction. It will offer an alternative to existing technologies as it breaks from the monotonous and expressionless concrete constructions and open up the possibility of modern and advanced construction.

Flexibility Comes In Robotic Cells

Bladerunner will introduce the use of novel and innovative robotic cells for rapid production of non-standard concrete molds in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). In Danish as well as international construction the degree of architectonic projects with advanced geometry is rapidly growing and thus the demand for technologies that can enhance the architects’ design without increasing the construction budget.

Bladerunner also aims to promote flexibility in concrete production; the production cell can be easily customized into different shapes, sizes and materials through a modular software system for geometry calculations, tool handling, and robotic motion planning. The flexibility also facilitates in-situ production (i.e. the cutting of formwork directly on the construction site).

Currently, Bladerunner has led to the upstart of a new research project called Digital Factory, which focuses on the interfacing between the user (designer) and the technology (Bladerunner).

Read more about Bladerunner in this booklet.

Odense, Denmark

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