Reinvent Paris

Unibail Rodamco / Bouygues Immobilier

Office, Residential, Hotel, Retail, Bus station

Gross Floor Area
47.000 m² and 13.000 m² basement


GXN role

GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Lasse Lind, Dagmara Piszcz, Casper Østergaard Christensen

Partner architect: MARS // Engineers: Setec, Egis, Elioth, Socotec, ACC-S, CSD-faces, Lamourex, AE75 // Landscape: Agence Laverne

Inspiration from nature

With a desire to create a new and energizing area in the Pershing district, 3XN entered the Reinvent Paris competition. The district is physically and symbolically separated from Paris, because the ring road separates the two districts from each other and thereby creates a barrier to social interaction.

The inspiration to the project came from nature and from the veins of a leaf – where the various side strings spreads out from the middle string in the leaf. 3XN's project connects the two isolated districts with a unique construction on a bridge over the vibrant ring road.

Integrated Urban Farming

A large 2,000 m² urban farm on the roof of bureau 1 and 2 will provide fruit and vegetables for the fresh market. The farm will produce over 6,000 kg of food a year, and will be operated by Fermes de Gally. The rooftop will be a productive landscape in itself, introducing innovative 'agrivoltaic' technology to produce both food and renewable energy from the same area.

Circular Material Construction

Buildings above the ring road are designed in coordination with the tunnel structure, which are the building foundations.

Clean Energy System

'Playground' is designed as an energy producing landscape that utilize passive and active energy strategies. Large glass facades ensure good daylight conditions and minimize the need for electric lighting, while the volumes and facade geometry shades the building in areas with risk of overheating.

Innovative Facade Geometry

The geometry of the facade is bioclimatic, meaning that it adapts to the climatic conditions of the site. One of the biggest environmental issues in office buildings is need for cooling, due to overheating from large glass areas.

Clean Urban Terrace

The Urban Terrace is like a valley between the hotel and offices. It offers view to an inviting green landscape with running water and urban furniture.

Active Air Quality

The Management of Air Quality on both Exterior and Interior applications in the project gives a positive impact for both the users and the surrounding neighborhoods.


Pershing, Paris

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