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GXN team
Kasper Guldager Jensen, Lasse Lind, Aleksander Guldager Kongshaug, Casper Østergaard Christensen

Open Desk, Kuubo

The LEGO Idea

With the LEGO brick, we can build anything we can possibly imagine as if they were glued, and yet they can easily be taken apart and reconfigured into a new idea. When we do this, we are not only creating, but also evaluating, reflecting and recreating to achieve new opportunities. We learn through play in a self-motivated and fun way.

The LEGO Idea Studio takes this core philosophy and applies it to a new innovation and design studio for The LEGO Foundation in Billund.  A need for a flexible, adaptable and practical space is complemented with fun, experimental and creative design elements that stimulate the minds of the innovators and creatives who occupy the space.

Bespoke elements are accompanied by Open Desk furniture pieces, all fabricated by local makers and assembled on site.

Billund, Denmark

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