Advisory Board for circular economy

Report with 27 recommendations to the Danish government from the Advisory Board for circular economy.

The Advisory Board was set up in October 2016 with the aim of giving the government recommendations on how it can support Danish business transformation into circular economy, thus contributing to better recycling of materials and increased recycling. It can strengthen growth and bring benefits to the environment and climate.

Waste as a Resource

Materials that today are considered ‘waste’ and burned for energy; grass, straw, tomato, seaweed, etc. will be processed into valuable building materials. The project uses Cradle to Cradle principles and digital production technologies in the development of a modern ecological house with a focus on circular economy and healthy materials.

Building a Circular Future 

The book is the result of a one-year research project supported by the Danish Environmental Agency. The contents has been developed through extensive research, knowledge sharing and workshops between 3XN Architects, GXN Innovation (architects), MT Højgaard (contractors), Kingo Karlsen (demolitioners), VIA University College (constructing architects), Vugge til Vugge Danmark (circular economy) and henrik•innovation (building innovation).

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Behind the Scenes - the simplicity and complexity of architecture.

3XN announces an exhibition that goes 'behind the scenes' of architecture, exploring some of the little-known stories, processes and people that lay behind the static, glossy photos often used to depict buildings. Behind the Scenes: The Simplicity & Complexity of Architecture will run at the Aedes Architecture Forum. The exhibition also marks 3XN’s 30th anniversary, which the firm is celebrating throughout 2016.


Robots in architecture. This booklet presents the project and the results of the three-year reseach project Bladerunner. The projectet is a collaboration between 3XN Architects — GXN Innovation, Odico Robotics Formwork, Danish Technological Institute, DTU Compute, DTU Mechanics and Confac and is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Green Solution House

Booklet about the hotel and conference center Green Solution House on Bornholm, where circular sustainability is explored and demonstrated through innovative and green solutions.

Regenerative Architecture

Article about 'Regenerative Architecture' brougt in the brochure 'Architecture and Sustainability' published in 2015 by the Aarhus School of Architecture.


The booklet describes the concept behind GXNs subsidiary URBANGREEN® where gardeners, biologists and architects have combined the best of their abilities to create a greener, healthier and more beautiful city.

Through strategic use of plants in sustainable building URBANGREEN® strengthens nature, wildlife and biodiversity in the specific area.

With URBANGREEN® the natural flora, fauna and biodiversity are increased for the benefit of the people living in the city.

PV Grid technology report

As part of the research project PV Grid, GXN has comprised a report on existing technology as well as the possibilities within PV systems and building integrated PV. 

Azure Article: 'GXNs rad scientists'

Article in Canadian Architecture Magazine, Azure on 'GXNs rad scientists - the cutting edge Copenhagen Lab is exploring materials that will transform what it means to build sustainably'. The article introduces the reader to GXN's approach to innovation, new materials and the challenge of building sutainable.

Written by Adele Weder


GXN Material Calendar 2017

GXN has made a beautiful calendar for 2017, in which each month is illustrated by an
innovative material.

GXN has made a beautiful calendar for 2017 in collaboration with photographer Claus Troelsgaard, in which each month is illustrated by a fascinating material.

'GXN is dedicated to ecological design research through digital processes and innovative material solutions. We are inspired by the functionalties and form of nature and we want to investigate how these can influence architecture.'

Kasper Guldager Jensen, Director GXN


Parametric praxis

The PHD project is the result of three years work by Tore Banke in GXN. This PhD project
examines the development of parametric sketch tools that integrate multidisciplinary
knowledge into the creative architectural design process.

Done in a collaboration between 3XN, GXN and Centre for IT and Architecture (CITA) at The Royal Danish School of Architecture.

The project investigates how daylightquality, solar radiation control, and visual and thermal control can be design parameters in the initial design phase. The research is based on practical experiments performed in the competition department at the architecture office, 3XN.


GXN's most recent publication is a Cradle to Cradle based building manual, which is an open platform for innovation and new business mobels, with the ambition to design resource life cycles.

Presently, the book is the most extensive publication concerning Cradle to Cradle inspired architecture issued, and is the result of a collaboration between GXN, Vugge til Vugge Denmark and Cradle to Cradle founders William McDonough and Michael Braungart.


Explore 99 new materials presented at GXN's spring 2012 exhibition at DAC (Danish Architecture Centre).



Read more about the exhibition here

Read more about Material World at DAC's website here


GXN is the innovation unit of 3XN and was founded in 2007. The 'G' stands for Green, highlighting GXN's dedication to ecological design research through digital processes and innovative material solutions.



How does the future sustanable recycling unit look? Vestforbrænding wants to explore this issue through a series of innovation processes, and this booklet is a result of this process.

The booklet illustrates how a new perspective on recycling, and particularly its noise shield, can help generate value for both people and the environment - and also develop an understanding of "waste" as valuable resources.

Green design strategies

The Five Innovation Strategies in this booklet describe how GXN pushes the limits of research, design and material solutions in order to develop a building culture that positively affects the world in which we, live both architecturally and environmentally.

The material future

In the publication "Green Architecture for the Future" by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Kasper Guldager explains how intelligent and nanotechnology materials can help us find solutions for the challenges in developing sustainable architecture.

Architecture In Four Dimensions

Interview with Kasper Guldager in ArkFokus 9, 2008, about new materials, technologies, sustainability and multidiciplinary work. 


Kasper Guldager interviews Blaine Brownell, Founder of Transstudio, Ass. Professor at University of Minnesota, on Material Behaviour.


Article in Arkitekten 1, 2009 on the innovative fibreglass facade for Horten Headquarters by 3XN.

Design with Materials

An interview with Kasper Guldager in Architecture Technique 2010.


Kasper Guldager on virtual reality in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 4, 2008. The article is part of the series "what is?" 


Kasper Guldager on biomimicry in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 14, 2007. The article is part of the series "what is?" 


Kasper Guldager on digital architecture in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 6, 2007. The article is part of the series "what is?" 


Kasper Guldager on nano technology in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 3, 2007. The article is part of the series "what is?" 


Kasper Guldager on virtual reality in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 1, 2007. The article is part of the series "what is?" 


Kasper Guldager on rapid prototyping in Danish architecture magazine 'Arkitekten' 14, 2006. The article is part of the series "what is?" 

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