Applied Science

GXN projects are conducted in the intersection between building industry practices and new opportunities brought on by relevant research. It is not our mission to conduct core research, but to apply existing knowledge from relevant manufacturers and educational institutions in building projects. In this way, GXN can contribute with the building industry's perspective in multidisciplinary research and as innovation partner in more traditional construction projects.


Successful innovation often springs from mixing expertise and experience from different disciplines. Therefore all GXN projects are created through interdisciplinary collaborations with selected specialists. We work with multi-disciplinary and network-based innovation in a number of research projects in areas such as architecture, psychology, software development and production of wild plant species. This includes working with programmers, psychologists, biologists, chemists and horticulture.

Integrated Practice

In GXN, testing new tools and theories is an integral part of our work. The knowledge gained through interdisciplinary collaborations is applied in experimental design and green innovation in construction. Implementing new materials and design tools in development projects, allows us to work with high-tech material producers, as well as interpreting digital designs into physical objects with the help of the studio's machines for direct manufacturing.

Open source


By sharing our knowledge, we wish to contribute towards a new basis for green solutions in the built environment. Through open source publications or public exhibitons, GXN make it our mission to transfer information from our network into the contstruction industry.

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