Digital Technologies

Digital developments have given designers, engineers and architects access to a wide range of new tools and production methods, pointing to new and better solutions in design and architecture. Natural science is also developing rapidly. Within biology, chemistry and physics, it is now possible to design materials to meet very specific needs and characteristics.

Working with applied research aimed at creating new materials and digital technologies to the construction industry, we are not only on the forefront of the development - we are shaping it. For example, GXN is examining the possibility of using mushrooms as an insulation material. The advantage is that mushrooms are self-growing natural organisms which unlike traditional insulation material does not require energy in production and has no negative effects on the environment. Another example is our longstanding development of biocomposites, which are lightweight, strong and durable materials which consist exclusively of biological ingredients.

Parametric design

Unlike traditional drawing programs, parametric software allows drawings to relate to external information. Models can contain an enormous complexity that allow integration of dynamic data such as constructive, environmental and logistical conditions. Several parameters can adjust the drawing simultaneously, and generate multiple solutions to the same problem.

Animated design

Design with time as a fourth dimension. Animated design software is a tool that is primarily used by the film and games industry. When using this design tool volumes are converted into dynamic objects, so they can be affected by different force fields, which makes the development of form vibrant and dynamic.

Algorithmic design

An algorithm is a procedure or formula for solving a problem. Through mathematical models we can generate geometric patterns and shapes. This provides an extremely high degree of complexity that cannot be created manually. Algorithmic design is often inspired by systems from nature and is often used to mimic these systems.

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